ASR is a real estate and relocation solution company.  We are here to work closely with you and your loved ones to resolve the challenges complexities and vulnerabilities when you or an aging relative or friend needs to downsize, relocate to live with family or transition into an assisted living or retirement community. This can be a complicated and an emotional time intertwined with all of the details and stages that are inherent in relocation and the selling of a home. ASR is ready to support you through this journey by offering the following services: 

  • ASR provides resources to help clean out the family home. This includes providing trash removal after the family has designated all sentimental valuables for retention. We will even ship certain items to family members living out of state. 

  • ASR can help prepare the family home for sale. We have local licensed contractors and vendors available to provide the necessary updates to the home to attract prospective buyers.

  • ASR partners with local realtors to ensure that the home gets the individualized attention needed for an expedient sale. 

  • ASR has professionals available to purchase your home directly. We have well established relationships with real estate and finance experts who are ready to provide you with a fair market offer on your family home. We understand that time can be of the essence when needing to relocate quickly or get you or a loved on in the safest living environment to meet your health care needs. Our professional partners will work hard to make this process seamless and expedient.


Meet the ASR Team: 

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